Home Renovation Checklist

At the heart of every great renovation is an even better plan for the lifespan of the project. Homeowners should come in with an idea of their budget, the scope of the project, and the length of time for completion but they should also start their project with as open a mind as possible. This allows the home renovation specialist to use their expert knowledge to make the project as smooth as possible for the homeowner.

Planning Phase

Determine Your Budget

Before you even start dreaming of the changes to your house (or calling around to renovation experts), it is imperative that homeowners consult with their financial advisor to work out just how much they can borrow to make their renovation a reality.

From there, it might be worth contacting a local REALTOR® to find out which renovations will see the biggest return on investment and which renovations you should probably avoid.

Laptop with a schedule on the screen

Create a Schedule

Home renovations can take a while, especially if you have to wait for permits or weather. Planning around annual cold spells or seasonally wet conditions as well as big celebrations like birthdays can help solve a number of the common delays with home renovations in Vancouver and save you a lot of headaches during your project.

Make a Wish List

Build out two columns in a spreadsheet. In one, have your wants. In the other, have your needs. Going into your meeting with a general contractor this list will be invaluable to work out what is and what is not within your budget. This also allows you to prioritize what is a necessity for now and what should wait for a later time.

Research Phase

Looking for the right general contractor is crucial to the home renovation project’s success. Before hiring any company it is important to interview a few and find out what their expertise is. This is also a great time to have any questions that you might have answered about the project itself.

Remodel Phase

You’ve found the perfect home contractor and the permits have all been approved. This is the time where things can get a little disruptive to your life. Barring any delays, the home renovation should only take a maximum of a couple of weeks. It might be worth taking some time off during the project so that you can oversee the builder’s work (and make them a cup of tea or coffee.)

Completion Phase

The work is done and you’re in love with your new home. But, there’s still some work to do. Now is the time to apply for any home improvement tax credits that you might be eligible for as well as calculating your monthly loan repayments or interviewing real estate professionals if you plan to sell your newly renovated property.