Featured Project

Union Street East


East Vancouver


December 2023


Single Family Home


2000 sqft

Interior Design

Etheridge Home Renovation & Homeowner

Budget Range

$300K - $400K

What We Did

We revisited Etheridge's first ever project 15 years later for a fresh deck and main floor remodel.

In 2008 we lifted the home and remodelled the basement with heated polished concrete floors and 9’ ceilings. This was the very first project for Etheridge Home Renovations. Fast forward 15 years and we were back to gut and remodel the main floor and back deck. The original layout had a number of small rooms that included an entry hall, living room, dining room, kitchen, office, and bathroom, all in 900 square feet. The homeowners had dreamt about opening up the space to create a calm, midcentury-inspired room for relaxing, entertaining, and living. The results are stunning! This project has always held a special place in my heart, and now it’s finally complete. It’s wonderful to see the family living their best lives in a great functional space.

  • 1. Full Home Renovation
  • 2. Project Management
  • 3. Full City Liaison
  • 4. Energy-Efficient Upgrades
  • 5. Concept Design
  • 6. Hardscape & Landscape
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