At Etheridge Home Renovation we’ve created a comprehensive process to ensure we create the home of your dreams. Our process is personalized, collaborative, and keeps us all on track with expectations.

01. Feasibility & Planning

Whether you’re renovating a kitchen & bathroom or an entire home, the initial planning and design phase is crucial.

Etheridge Home Renovation creates a comprehensive strategy to ensure the final result is the home of your dreams.

Program Requirements & Purpose

Understanding why you’re planning a renovation is the main question that drives the entire planning process. We’ve found that there are a few main reasons that drive people to renovate their home.

  • Creating more space in our home
  • Maximizing the view
  • Accessibility requirements
  • Require more natural light
  • Create a more functional space
  • Less confined more open concept
  • Creating a space that is your forever home

Budget & Timeline

Understanding your ideal budget will allow us to better plan your project to scope within your set timeline.

Property Analysis

Before we come and visit your home we look at the zoning and bylaw information in your local municipality and determine:

  • What is the site coverage permitted
  • How much square footage you are allowed
  • The restrictions on deck size and patios
  • Any setback or building height issues
  • Any heritage bylaws specific to your neighbourhood
  • Legal suits allowed in your basement

Site Review

After the program requirements and property analysis are completed, and we have a general understanding of your budget, we schedule a site visit to solidify general design ideas, both functional and aesthetic.

Scope of Work, Preliminary Estimate and Contract

At this stage, we have a scope of work and preliminary estimate put together based on your budget and timeline requirements. Once all is approved we create a contract outlining both parties expectations and desires for the project.

  • Program requirements and purpose of renovation
  • Budget and timeline review
  • Property analysis [zoning and bylaws]
  • Site Review to solidify design ideas
  • Scope of work and preliminary estimate
  • Contract

02. Design

Creating the drawings and documents that bring your project to life.

Starting with digital ‘As-built’ drawings, we generate concept and 3D renderings for the proposed plan. This way you can view exactly what we are going to implement, and changes can be made easily.

At this phase emphasis on overall aesthetic and desired feel is addressed. We also ensure plans are in accordance with surrounding elevations and all permits are obtained.

  • Floor plans and permit drawings drafted
  • Material specifications
  • Permits obtained
  • Confirmation of timelines

03. Build

Once construction starts your project will be overseen by one of our Site Supervisors.

Your Site Supervisor will keep you informed on the process from start to finish, while maintaining a safe and clean work site. Regular site meetings will be scheduled to assure design expectations and timelines are being met.

  • Construction preparation [demolition and site preparation]
  • Framing and structure
  • Mechanical and Electrical
  • Insulation and drywall
  • Finishing and millwork
  • Clean-up and detail
  • Deficiency walkthrough and sign-off

04. Interior Design

We can take your project a step further and supply furnished spaces that showcase your individual style.

Etheridge Home Renovation works with you to ensure the interior reflects its polished exterior. We can elevate any desired area such as customized built-ins, electrical or heating plans, and external deck and patio additions.

  • 3-D sketches and elevations
  • Materials and colour palate
  • Custom millwork and built-ins
  • Fixtures and fittings

05. Completion

We want you to be as proud of the work as we are.

By doing a complete walkthrough with you we ensure that any remaining deficiencies are corrected and the work is completed to our highest standards.

Photographs of the final completed project are provided to our clients [if requested] and used to inspire others with their future renovations.

  • Walkthrough
  • Quality Assurance
  • Move In
  • Photos
  • Renomark 2 Year Warranty
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