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Top 10 Professional Tips for Interior Home Renovation

Giving your home a high-end look can be extensive and costly. However, with the right amount of planning, home improvement projects can be accomplished on a budget. Whether you’re revamping a space to make it more functional or simply upgrading to offer a modern touch, this handy guide will provide you with tips to tackle a small or large interior home renovation project


Professional tip #1: Have a plan and budget

As mentioned above, having a plan is the best way to reduce the costs of an interior home renovation. This stage allows you to shop around for the best prices and read reviews before selecting a company for your desired project. 

When handling a remodel, tasks like choosing a style and selecting your colour palette are all a part of the planning process. Further planning involves taking accurate measurements to ensure that you’re given the correct quote for the work. If you hope to undergo a complete home renovation, it’s perfectly fine to plan and remodel one area of your home at a time and then continue at a later time with fresh ideas. 


Professional tip #2: Consult your calendar

If your total interior renovation needs to be completed before the holiday season to ensure that your home is prepared to welcome guests, make sure you plan well in advance. Not only will the home projects take time to prep and complete, but the contractor you hire might not have an availability in their calendars that works for your proposed end date. Give yourself that extra wiggle room and consult on projects well in advance to avoid disappointment or the chaos of a complete home renovation over the holidays.  


Professional tip #3: Your home should reflect your personality

While there’s nothing wrong with looking for interior design overhaul ideas online, your choice of style should reflect your personality. Not only does this open the door to ideas that beautifully complement each other, but it always promotes long-term happiness with your design. So, feel free to mix and match elements from a wide variety of popular styles, including classic, farmhouse, and boho.

Professional tip #4: Be careful with following trends

Between popular platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, you will encounter numerous trends around styles, colours, textures, and more. Since it’s easy to fall in love with whatever is in each season, it’s important that you go back to our previous tip and explore your personality and interests. Since trends come and go, we don’t recommend a total interior renovation based on what’s hot at that moment. So, when you’re making choices for your remodel, be sure to spend time exploring the trend before committing to it. 


Our suggestion is to stay safe with your interior home makeover by choosing timeless trends for elements like flooring, cabinetry, and countertops. Feel free to stay trendy with easy-to-swap renovations like appliances, light fixtures, and wall paint colours.


Professional tip #5: Consider which spaces need a complete home renovation

Living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining areas, and kitchens are popular rooms that people think of when planning a remodel. But not every part of your home deserves the same design attention. While your bathroom and kitchen require home improvements as selling features, places like entryways, offices, living rooms, and bedrooms are all about staging with a fresh paint job. While you’re welcome to upgrade your entire home over time, if your budget is limited, we recommend focusing on fewer spaces at one time to ensure the job gets done. 


Professional tip #6: Keep things proportional 

One of the most common mistakes people make when doing a complete interior remodel is getting the proportions wrong. For example, if the room is already small, you need to choose improvements that will make the space feel larger. We recommend staying away from dark flooring and paint, as it tends to swallow up the minimal amount of light. Instead, opt for creams, tones of beige, or soft yellows, and don’t be afraid to use a bit of a pattern. Moreover, when it comes to larger renovations like custom millwork, fixtures, and fittings, rest assured that any project, big or small, can be properly proportioned to avoid creating a cluttered space.

Professional tip #7: Pack up your possessions

Whether you renovate the entire house or a single room, to make a remodel as simple as possible, we recommend decluttering the space before the project begins. This includes packing up and moving items from the renovation zone. Not only does this avoid unfortunate circumstances like breakage or destruction, but it also allows you to keep all of your belongings secure and clean during the process. If you’re undergoing a complete home renovation, it may be worth renting an offsite locker. 


Professional tip #8: Design is everything

A good design involves taking cues from the surrounding environment. This means that your complete interior remodel should follow contextual cues from neighbouring properties. For example, if there are some heritage overlays or existing structural elements that are unique to your area, we recommend that you remain within these site-specific parametres. Since it’s easy to get tunnel vision when completing a new project, it’s important to think of your home’s whole design to ensure you make the appropriate renovation choices.


Professional tip #9: Rely on the experts

While there may be some projects that you could tackle yourself, never underestimate the value of employing an expert. Working with highly skilled professionals allows you to achieve your vision without running into costly roadblocks due to a lack of experience and education. Working alongside these trusted collaborators means that you get the renovation, alternation, or addition without taking too much time or making rookie mistakes. Ultimately, whether you’re looking to hire a contractor or designer, it’s important to review the work they’ve completed and assess their references before determining if this company is the right fit for you. Aside from advocating for a meeting, be sure to analyze the company’s past work and understand their process before signing a contract for your interior home renovation. 

Professional tip #10: Give your contactors some space

Now that you’re confident with who you have hired to complete your interior home makeover, it makes sense to spend time elsewhere to ensure that your contractors can move freely without distraction. Not only does this speed up the project, but it also prevents you getting in the way. Consider your home an active construction site, especially if you’re having a larger renovation underway.

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