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Kitchen Renovations in Vancouver

What You Need to Know Before Renovating a Kitchen in Vancouver:

Renovating a kitchen in Vancouver is one of the most sought-after renovations for Vancouverites. This is because, for most homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of the home and the place where they will create an abundance of memories with their friends and family. While everyone has a different idea of what their dream kitchen looks like, most don’t know where to begin when it comes to putting plans into action. Whether you’re looking to complete a kitchen renovation in Vancouver, East Vancouver, or North Vancouver, a new project must always consider function, especially when coming up with a design plan that best meets your needs. 

Are you looking to boost comfort and entertainment in your modern, open-concept space? Since there are so many other things to consider to prevent information overload, here are some factors:

  • Your budget: When tallying your kitchen renovation cost in Vancouver, be sure to include all the elements that make up your budget. Items such as plumbing, electrical, materials, and labour. Whether you want to increase your home’s value or better enjoy your space, it’s important to set a budget and chip away at your checklist over time. 
  • Your lifestyle: How do you want your kitchen to function? Will you be entertaining guests? Hosting large parties? This consideration will impact how you layout your new space.
  • What’s your timeframe?: While some homeowners have long-standing renovation projects, others want their kitchen renovation completed quickly. Set a timeframe and be prepared to adjust it if you run into problems. 
  • Don’t cut corners: Homeowners spend ample time in their kitchens, and while it may cost more money to hire kitchen renovation contractors in Vancouver, doing it yourself may lead to more expensive issues in the near future. 

What does it cost to remodel a kitchen in Vancouver?

On average, a kitchen renovation in Vancouver can cost a homeowner as much as $70,000, although prices fluctuate with the increased cost for materials and labor. Those who are looking to purchase custom countertops and cabinetry and new stainless steel appliances can expect the costs to add up quickly, and with the help of professional kitchen renovation contractors who live and work in Vancouver, you can gain access to the most cost-efficient materials. To top it off, contractors possess the skill to get the job done quickly, cutting down on labour that may increase the cost of your renovation project. 

What are the costs of building permits? 

While small projects like replacing kitchen fixtures, cabinets, or flooring doesn’t require permits, larger jobs and/or renovations to existing structures or buildings in Vancouver do, and they need to be applied for before the construction begins. The current fee for a one- to two-family dwelling is between $385.00 to $759.00 per 100m² of gross floor area, as long as the renovation doesn’t alter the use of the existing structure or require a development review and amendment when the project is complete. While this permit cost seems cheap and easy to bypass, homeowners allowing contractors to work without the proper permits will risk high-cost penalties and even add delays to the processing of the permit once an application is attained from the city. So, ensure that you have hired a professional kitchen renovation contractor that understands and assures you that the permits are taken care of.

Why should you hire kitchen renovation contractors in Vancouver?

Whether you’re located in Vancouver, East Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, or elsewhere in Greater Vancouver, you can trust the renovation experts at Etheridge Renovations to handle your kitchen remodeling project. 

Our contractors take the pressure off so you can:

  • Relax and watch the project unfold
  • Save money on material costs
  • Experience no hassle obtaining permits. Just leave it to us
  • Trust that our execution is based on expert information and informed decision making
  • Enjoy our expertise! We’ve remodeled a lot of kitchens and can likely suggest things you would have never considered.

Kitchen renovations can be troublesome for many, which is why it’s best to hire a professional to get the job done right! 

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