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Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

Your bedroom is where you sleep, rest your head, relax, and get ready in the morning. You might use your bedroom as a much-needed quiet escape or a place for inspiration, creativity, and hobbies. For many people, the bedroom is just a cluttered mess rather than a welcoming and relaxing retreat.

When you’ve looked around your bedroom, you’ve probably thought about changing or moving this item or getting rid of that. Maybe you’ve envisioned a new design, colours, or furniture. When was the last time you gave your bedroom a makeover? It’s probably been a while.

Why is it Important to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover Every Once in a While? 

A bedroom makeover provides a change of scenery and a chance to improve the functionality, comfort, look, and layout of one of the most important rooms in your home. When you create an atmosphere ripe for relaxation and rest, you might also improve your sleep quality. 

Organizing and decluttering make your space more practical and getting ready easier. Choosing your preferred colours, designs, and ideas also means you’ll enjoy going home to your revitalized bedroom. Plus, it’s the first room you see when you open your eyes in the morning.

Where Can You Find a Budget-Friendly Bedroom Makeover?

Our Etheridge design experts provide bedroom renovations on a budget and budget-friendly home renovations, too. We can help you revamp your bedroom without breaking the bank. Whether you’re considering a child’s bedroom remodel, a guest bedroom, or your master bedroom renovation, our professional team does all the work for you. After you’ve gathered your ideas, reach out to our friendly experts to get started on your budget-friendly bedroom makeover.

Top 10 Budget-Friendly Bedroom                  Decor Ideas

You’d be surprised by how little changes can make a big difference. Here are some top bedroom decor ideas for your master bedroom renovation on a budget:

  • New Bedding: New bedding is more affordable than a new bed. Add a new patterned pillow and a decorative throw for the end of your bed.
  • Paint: Painting walls, ceilings, trims, and furniture can transform the overall feel of your bedroom. It’s easier to paint or wallpaper an accent wall to give your entire bedroom a pop of color or pattern. Consider your personality when choosing the paint and colors.
  • Accessories and Trinkets: Add small, affordable accessories and trinkets, or find ones around your house and relocate them to the bedroom. Think picture frames, vases, table lamps, salt lamps, and rugs. Replace the shade to revamp an old lamp.
  • Have Fun with Texture: Place a small, soft, furry rug beside your bed or a furry pillow on your chair or bed for a more upscale look and to alternate texture.
  • Go Refurbished or Second-Hand: Previously owned and refurbished furniture is usually much more affordable than buying brand new.
  • Textiles and Wall Hangings: Find your favourite affordable tiles, textiles, tapestries, and fabrics. You can buy a pre-made frame or hang the fabric from a branch or rope on your wall to create low-priced, statement-making wall art. Turn your personal photographs into wall hangings or murals and make them poster-size to spark memories and nostalgia. Sometimes, you can find a nice mirror for an excellent price to place over your bed or nightstand.
  • Shop the Sales : If you shop designer and warehouse sales and other large sales like Black Friday you might find high-quality items for a lower price. You can also upcycle furniture and move around the furniture you already have. Maybe your bed would look better against a different wall?
  • Low-Maintenance House Plants: House plants are usually affordable and bring the feel of the outdoors inside. Go for low-maintenance house plants like the fiddle leaf fig or the Golden Pothos featured in the NASA air purification study.
  • Add Shelves or Storage Space: If you can DIY some additional storage shelves, you can display your books and trinkets.
  • DIY Headboard: In Feng Shui, a headboard symbolizes stability, support, and protection. Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, and the headboard frames and highlights your bed. To create your own headboard, you’ll need to purchase some plywood sheets, rolls of foam, and your choice of fabric.

How Do You Remodel a Bedroom?

If you choose to call in the professionals for your budget-friendly home renovation or bedroom remodel, our Etheridge Home Renovation team has developed a comprehensive, streamlined, and personalized process to take you from concept to completion. We’ll establish the purpose of your bedroom makeover and discuss your budget, timeline, and ideas. Our materials and colour palate, and impressive 3D renderings allow you to see how your bedroom will look. Next, all you have to do is sit back, wait, and get excited.

Your bedroom should be an inviting sanctuary where you can recharge. The goal of our qualified interior designers and renovation experts is to bring your unique visions to life so you enjoy waking up to your new bedroom every morning.

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