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Basement Renovations in Vancouver

What you need to know before renovating a basement in vancouver

Basement Renovation Ideas

Gathering ideas for your basement renovation is an important first step when working with a basement renovation contractor. Unfortunately, not all basement renovations are created equally and it depends on the condition of your home.

Basement Renovation Ideas for Older Homes

If you have a Vancouver heritage home, your basement was likely not designed to be a living space. Moisture entering the basement is the most common issue for older homes with basements. A basement renovation company, like Etheridge Renovations, can easily make your home’s older basement watertight by ensuring that your footings are working and the water is being pushed away from your home’s lowest points. Another common issue with basements in older Vancouver homes is a lack of natural light. Liberally using bright colors, installing recessed lighting, using mirrors wisely, and installing polished hardwood or tile flooring are some of the best ways to improve your basement renovations’ lighting issues.

Basement Renovation Ideas for Small Basements

If you’re looking for basement renovation ideas for small basements, the first thing that you should focus on is storage space. Looking at tiny homes can also be a great source of inspiration for your basement renovation. Specifically, tiny homes do a very good job of ensuring every part of the home is multipurpose. If you’re hoping to install a home office in your small basement or an additional bedroom, you might want to have a feature wall that hides a large storage solution behind it. By doing that, you can keep the smaller footprint clutter free so that every square foot is utilized to its fullest.

Cost of Building Permits (as of 2019)

As with the overall cost of basement renovations, the cost and average waiting times for building permits vary from area to area. Unlike the overall cost, which can be varied from Province to Province, building permits vary significantly from municipality to municipality. Especially throughout Vancouver’s Lower Mainland.

Abbotsford Basement Renovation – Permit Cost & Waiting Period

For a $100,000 basement renovation in Abbotsford, the permit fees will cost approximately $815. The current wait time to obtain a building permit in the City is 2 months. See the latest wait times

Chilliwack Renovation – Permit Cost & Waiting Period

As with the other cities throughout the Lower Mainland, the permit fees in Chilliwack breakdown depend on the amount being spent on the renovation. The City of Chilliwack breaks down the costs as such:

  • $100 base cost for the first $1,000
  • Every $1,000 thereafter (upto $100,000) costs an additional $5.90

So, for a $100,000 renovation, the permit fees should be approximately, $690.

The current wait times for a building permit in Chilliwack is approximately 10 weeks. See latest wait times.

Coquitlam Basement Reno – Permit Cost & Waiting Period

The cost of a building permit in Coquitlam is $81.01 for the application. If you’re hiring a registered general contractor to renovate your property, the cost is

  • $32.86 (estimated renovation costs – $5,001 to $20,000)
  • $129.22 (estimated renovation costs – $20,001 to $50,000
  • $386.82 (estimated renovation costs – $50,001 to $500,000

The current wait time for a building permit in Coquitlam is 6 weeks.

Renovating a Basement in Surrey, BC – Cost & Waiting Period

In Surrey. BC, the cost of a permit to renovate a basement is approximately $414.25 for the Plan Processing Fee. This is approximately 35% of the application cost. From there, if your renovation costs over $20,000, homeowners must pay a damage deposit of $2,500. The final 65% is calculated and must be paid prior to the City issuing the building permit. The current wait time for a building permit in Surrey is 15 weeks. Calculate your Surrey reno cost.

Basement Renovations in Vancouver – Cost & Waiting Period

Building in the City of Vancouver is a lengthy and complicated process. To understand the process for renovating a basement suite in Vancouver, Contact Etheridge Renovations today or continue to discover more about Vancouver Kitchen Renovations.

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