Pirate Ship is Sailing Back for Halloween 2021

October 21, 2021

The Pirate Ship Inferno Has Set Sail Again to Shiver the Timbers of All Those Who Dare Come Aboard!

Avast ye, landlubbers!! Dust off the cobwebs from last year’s marooning and say hello to Halloween 2021!

We’ll be handing out loot to all the lads and lassies with the stomach to visit us this All Hallows’ Eve.

Batten down the hatches as we are celebrating 10 years of donating to the Vancouver Food Bank! We’ve used our plundering expeditions to help gather food and raise funds for the Greater Vancouver Foodbank (GVFB). The GVFB is on a mission to provide healthy food to those in need across Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and the North Shore.

Will you help an old seadog and offer your support through our East Van Pirate Ship Virtual Food Drive? Every doubloon welcome. For every $1 you donate, the Food Bank can buy $3 of healthy nutritious food!

Donate Now!


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