Bathroom Renovation Vancouver BC

What You Need to Know Before Renovating a Bathroom in Vancouver

No matter which part of your home that you are renovating, the experience can be daunting and stressful. But, when it comes to bathroom renovations, that stress can often be amplified greatly. Getting the right balance between luxury, cost-effectiveness, and practical serenity can be tricky to juggle—a juggling act that is best left to professionals. There are several factors that homeowners have to take into consideration; these factors include:

  • The amount of time the renovation process will take
  • The cost to renovate the bathroom and the total budget
  • Whether any permits will need to be acquired
  • How extensive the renovation work will need to be

Discover the costs and delays for permits in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

How Much Should I Budget for a Bathroom Renovation in Vancouver?

When it comes to budget, the more you save, the better off you’ll be. That being said, homeowners would be wise to ensure that they keep an additional 15 to 20 percent of the total budget kept to one side should an emergency occur. Of course, the total budget is also determined on the amount of work needed, some things to consider are: 

  • The age of your home. If it is an older home that hasn’t been updated since the 1970s, there may be asbestos hiding behind the walls. Asbestos has the potential to be very damaging to your health and needs to be removed by a specialist. 
  • The location of your pipes and plumbing. Ensuring that your bathroom is leak-free and your plumbing meets modern standards is an essential part of a Vancouver bathroom renovation. 
  • Ensuring that your electrical needs will be met. Electricity and wiring are often looked over by homeowners who are embarking on a washroom renovation. But, ensuring that your home is supplying adequate power to your bathroom for using hair dryers, curlers, and other power demands is a critical part of a functional bathroom design. 

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