Our Mission

Fulfilling the Heart Through the Home

The homes and businesses we’ve built have changed and inspired the lives of the people who live in them.

The Team

Professional, trustworthy and passionate, our team empowers clients to make easy, informed decisions and generates intuitive design by cultivating builder-to-client collaboration.

Paul Etheridge

  • Creative Brain
  • General Contractor
  • Green thumb

Roy Tupper

Site Supervisor
  • Passionate dog dad & closeted soft-rock fan
  • Nordic fiction, classic movies, good design
  • Hiking & kayaking, BBQ’s, patios & beer
  • Red wine, French bread & cambozolo cheese

Cristian Cambiazo

  • Draftsman
  • Zoning bylaw
  • Building code interpreter
  • Bureaucracy navigator

Simon Lacey

Office Manager
  • New facial hair

  •  Ruislip. Lethbridge. Mill Bay. Edmonton. Toronto. Vancouver….

  • BA: Drama & English. BFA: Film & Video

Nicky Etheridge

Project Coordinator
  • English, born & bred
  • Camping & off-roading
  • Horse & dog lover

Neil Mark

Site Supervisor
  • Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am a passionate person. I put that passion into all aspects of my work.
  • Nature teaches us that everything has a purpose and within that purpose is beauty. With this in mind, let everything we build be done with purpose and have beauty.

Cameron Pennell

Project Coordinator
  • Traveller
  • Basketball
  • Bourbon

Robert Carpenter

Driver / Crew Member
  • Road-trips
  • Hiking & biking
  • Screenplays & poetry

Seth Carpenter

  • Is passionate and dedicated to his craft and trade, enjoys working with others & learning  new techniques, skills & other new ways of growing with the trade.
  • Loves outdoor activities with his family, spends his downtime hanging out with friends or family enjoying nature, hiking, biking, playing sports, fishing & swimming.
  • He is what he does and does what he is.

Chris Forbes

Crew Member
  • Outdoorsman
  • Mountain biker
  • Home chef

Alex Goos

  • German Carpenter / Audio Engineer
  • Music, Pilates, IPA
  • Decided to make Canada his new home

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