Our Top 7 Home Remodeling Ideas

You don’t need to be an experienced home renovator to appreciate simplistic, yet stylish home remodeling ideas. Especially if these interior improvements combine beauty with durability for everyday life. That said, for those who’re keen on giving their space a modern facelift that offers a more personalized, transformative approach, here are seven home remodeling ideas for you to find inspiration from.

Black stairs in the room and working desktop wooden desk under stairs

Office home set up under stairs

With the pandemic forcing many occupations to the comforts of their couch cushions and coffee tables, people quickly adapted to the idea of an at-home office. So, whether you have found solace in working from home, started a small business of your own, or simply enjoy the convenience of dedicated office space, depending on the layout of your space, it can be challenging to find an area that can accommodate your work-from-home needs. That’s why we recommend utilizing otherwise unused spaces like the under area of your stairs to ensure you get the nook you deserve.

Modern glass corner fireplace in the interior

Glass-enclosed fireplace

The tempered glass fireplace is a modern trend that seems to be getting more and more popular. In the past few decades, fireplaces have existed in family rooms, living rooms, and sometimes in kitchens, however, at one time these alluring, decorative elements were seen in bathrooms and bedrooms as well. As a home remodeling idea, perhaps it’s time to bring a sense of this tradition back to life?

Library under the stairs with a red armchair in the English style.

Library under the stairs

What if we told you that the area under your stairs could be put to good use? Whether you’re a full-time, work-from-home employee, a homemaker, or an enthusiast working on your next freelancing gig, it’s important to find a space where you can relax and unwind with a book. Feel inspired by decoratively utilizing this little nook under the stairs! Since everyone needs a cozy hideaway, install some stylish tiered bookshelves with hardcopies and candles, then add some little knick-knacks to brighten up the space and provide a welcoming ambiance. 

Corner of wooden kitchen with countertops and bar

Sit down breakfast bar on the kitchen counter

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, and if you’re the type of person who enjoys using this space as a social area, it would be great if you built an extension off your kitchen counter or island to include a little ledge for a sit-down breakfast bar. After all, breakfast is our most important meal of the day and whether you start the day off with coffee, a big bowl of cereal, or a full American breakfast, having the space to do so will make the effort worthwhile. 

Living room loft in industrial style

Minimalist living room

Minimalism is a popular remodeling trend, decorating a room to achieve all the comforts of home but with a few personalized touches that avoid overdoing the space. Since less is more is the primary focus of this type of thinking, from a design perspective, opt for cozy, small-scale pieces and keep from too much stuff on your walls or floors.

Shining golden mosaic glass background

Add mirrored tiles or mirrors in a windowless room

While there aren’t many rooms in a home that lack a window to the outside world, it was far more common in older structures. Needless to say, a popular home remodeling idea revolves around a trend that suggests homeowners put a large mirror on one of the walls of an enclosed room to simulate the effect of a window, bouncing light and creating a sense of depth to the otherwise dark space.

shoes stacked on the closet

Closet for shoes

To have a closet that’s dedicated solely to footwear closely replicates the retail experience. Not only will this home remodeling idea allow you to glance upon your curated shoe collection but it also gives you a way of better organizing your staple pieces to ensure that you’re prepared, regardless of the occasion.